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Fitting Kompresi Kuningan Amerika
Series PFA4 American Brass Compression Fittings

For use with potable water, instrumentation, hydraulic and pneumatic systems.
Designed to be used with aluminum, copper and plastic tubing. Not recommended for steel tubing.
Do not need any flare, soldering or other type of tubing preparation. 
Available in a broad range of sizes.
Bahan Kuningan CA36000/CA37700 sesuai dengan ASTM B16/B283-UNS
Bahan Kuningan Bebas Timbal DZR C46500 Pb < 0.25% sesuai NSF61/NSF372
meksa makarya
7/8’’ 75PSI; 3/4’’ 100PSI;5/8’’ 150PSI;1/2’’-3/8’’ 200PSI;5/16’’-1/4’’ 300PSI; 3/16’’-1/8 ’’ 400PSI
Suhu Kerja -65 - 250°F (-53 -120°C) 
Warna asli Rampung tanpa burrs

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